Monday, May 17, 2010

NY Times' story on the RMI-BP oil spill link

This cool email showed up in my inbox yesterday, and I just had to post....

Iakwe folks, [Iakwe means hello]

In case anyone is wondering if there is a link between the RMI [Republic of the Marshall Islands] and the oil spill currently wreaking havoc in the Gulf of Mexico, there is! The oil rig which blew up, sank, and caused this environmental disaster was flying the flag of the RMI and was registered with the RMI ship registry.

I'm not sure why the RMI, which is in particular danger in regards to climate change and the otherwise unhealthy effects of the global addiction to fossil fuels, would register an oil rig.

Here's the NY Times' story on the RMI "flag of convenience" BP oil spill.

The RMI is mentioned at the end of the article (the second page).

Ilo kautiej, [that means with respect]

David K.

I can't wait to start teaching a socio-economic course on climate change in the Marshall Islands, joining alongside David at the College of the Marshall Islands. Perhaps as early as Spring 2010!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Micronesia Challenge

Have you seen the following video or heard of it? It's a pretty good, very succinct take on Micronesia Challenge's initiatives in the RMI.

Climate change in RMI video that was filmed by DeutscheWelle